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Tintype Portraits
Part Number Tintype Portraits
Tintype Portraits
Give one of the most wonderful gifts in the world; you and/or your loved ones photographed onto a beautifully hand crafted tintype.  Purely analog, tintype is a direct positive photographic process that yields a warm silvery image onto black plated aluminum. Perfect for those looking to give a lasting unique gift.  

Saturday, December 10th from 12p-6pm

-1/2 hour sessions for maximum 2 people ONLY.  1 plate per session guaranteed.
Rate:  $75
Due to special lighting set-up, customers may NOT purchase two 1/2 hour time slots for more than 2 people.  Maximum 2 people per image will apply
This process is NOT suitable to children younger than 5 years of age, or pets of any kind. 

NOTE:  Tintypes will NOT be available to take at the end of your portrait session. They must be washed and protected with vanish.  Tintypes will be available for pick up 3 days after your session, or you have the option to have your tintype shipped to you via USPS Flat Rate Shipping for an additional charge.

Additional charges:
8x10 Archival Digital Print Enlargement:
$23 + tax for print and scan on DVD
$13 + tax additional prints (this option only available with $23 print & scan option) 
Turnaround time: 72 hours 

Scan Only:
$10 per scan
Turnaround time for additional services: 72 hours 

Framed Tintype:  
$35 each
Turnaround time for additional services: 72 hours 

Shipping for tintype and/or scans and/or prints:  $8

Add on items may be pre-ordered or ordered at the time of your session.

What is a Tintype? 
A Tintype is a photographic process from the 1850's that is a direct positive image captured on a black enameled aluminum or tin sheet. One of many things that differentiate it from other photographic processes is that it is a camera-original positive. In other words, most photography is a capture image today, then print the image at a later date. In the tintype process, the image and print are the same thing and made at the same time. There is no negative to make reproduction prints. Hence, each image is one of a kind. 

Tintype Cancellation Policy 
Due to limited availability and because Rayko Photo Center does not offer this service year-round, all portrait booking sales are final unless cancelled 3 business days in advance. Cancelled portrait sessions that meet the 3-business day requirement, will get a full refund. There are no rescheduling opportunities available as available times have been sold to other customers. 

*Maximum of 2 people in one photograph for 1/2 hour sessions, 4 people maximum for 1 hour sessions.
**Pre-payment is required.
***Due to time constraints, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. If you arrive late, there will be no refunds.
**** This process is NOT suitable to children younger than 5 years of age, or pets of any kind. 
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Add On 8x10" Print & Scan on DVD [+$23.00]
Additional 8x10" Print (option only available with $23 print & scan add on) [+$13.00]
Scan Only (per scan) [+$10.00]
Frame for Tintype [+$35.00]
Shipping and Handling fee for tintype and/or scan/prints (no frames) [+$8.00]
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