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10 Questions with RayKo Instructor
Christine Zona

Posted by Shawn Tamaribuchi on 10/5/2012 to interviews

1)What was the first camera you owned and what do you shoot with now?

In college I shot with a 35mm Canon Rebel. It was the only camera I had at the time. Now I own over 30. My main cameras are my Nikon D800, Nikon D700, Holga and Minolta Polaroid Spectra Camera. I also really enjoy shooting with my Horizon Perfekt.

2) What's in your main camera: Film or Memory Card?
For work, mainly memory card. For fun, always film.

3) If you had access to any photographic equipment you wanted for a day, what would you choose?
Hasselblad or a Leica.

4) What classes are you teaching (and / or what tutorial services do you offer)?
At Rayko, I teach an Off Camera Flash class. I also teach various classes about Toy Cameras and Film at other venues.

5) What are the top reasons someone should take your class?
I think the majority of photographers avoid using their flash. It can be an intimidating tool but also a powerful one when used correctly. In my class I break flash down into 3 easy steps and show you an array of ways to use it creatively off your camera. When the day is over, you will be way ahead of the curve.

6) What was the last art opening you went to?
Holga Inspire Traveling Show at Photobooth. I was their featured guest artist.

7) What part of RayKo's facilities do you use the most?
I hope to start using Raykos scanning facility more. Drum scanners and rad printers. A must.

8) Bought any good photo books lately?
My favorite photography book is Dont Think Just Shoot. Its a brilliant collection of crazy Lomo photos taken over a 10 year period.

9) Recent work that has caught your eye?
I am *obsessed* with Susan Burnstine. Her photos are something that Ive never seen before. They are incredibly dreamy and strangely hypnotic. She creates her photos with homemade cameras made from other cameras and things around the house. Like some sort of frankencamera. Apparently, nobody has seen the cameras either. Brilliant.

10) What are you currently working on and where can we see it?
I just finished my Holga Studio Portrait Series, Echoes. It is currently up at Photobooth and also posted on my Tumblr.

Now I am working on the next gallery show for The San Francisco Toy Camera Group. The show is called M.E. Its a self portrait photography show exploring who we were, who we want to be, and the events that have molded us into who we are today. Submission deadline is in October and anyone is welcome to submit. Opening reception is Friday November 2nd 7pm at Cafe Royale.

Twitter: @ZonaFoto
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christinezona.foto


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