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10 Questions with RayKo Instructor
Audrey Jones

Posted by Shawn Tamaribuchi on 10/18/2012 to interviews

1) What was the first camera you owned and do you still shoot with it?
Pentax..not sure of model number but don't use it anymore as it broke.
2) What's in your main camera: Film or Memory Card?

3) If you had access to any photographic equipment you wanted for a day, what would you choose?

A toyo 4x5 field camera or maybe a Hasselblad.

4) What classes are you teaching?
Color Darkroom and Alternative Techniques for the Photo Graphic Darkroom.

5) What are the top reasons someone should take your class, what makes it unique from similar classes out there?
My color class is the only class in the Bay Area where one can lean how to make traditional color prints in the darkroom. My Alt Class encourages those who have worked in the black and white darkrooms to explore other options in printing and processing. The idea of this class is to explore experimental processes such as unique toning options, destructive elements to negatives/paper for aesthetic value, camerless photographic creations and more!

6) What was the last art opening you went to?
I'm mainly using color and black and white darkrooms. Sometimes when I'm brave I'll head up to the digital lab for some scanning.

7) What part of RayKo's facilities do you use the most?
Usually the color or black and white darkrooms.

8) Bought any good photo books lately?
I bought the Francesca Woodman book recently. I was pretty moved my the small intimate photographs that had been at the SF MOMA earlier this year. While I'm sometimes more drawn to color, these images were pretty interesting and had made me want to shoot more black and white.

9 )Recent work that has caught your eye?

I found the portrait collection at Pier 24 to be pretty moving and inspiring. SF is lucky to have such a great venue like Pier 24 to expose and educate others about photographers. While it's wasn't all photography, I also loved the David Shrigley show at the YBCA. Integrating humor into art can be difficult sometimes, but this was one exhibition where I laughed out loud.

10) What are you currently working on and where can we see it?
Not posting anything right now..sometimes on flickr.


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