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10 Questions with RayKo Instructor
André J. Hermann

Posted by Shawn Tamaribuchi on 10/10/2012 to interviews

1) What was the first camera you owned and what do you shoot with now?
Olympus IS-100 film camera. I'm currently shooting with canon 5D MKII, 7D, Nikon p310, and iphone4

2) What's in your main camera: Film or Memory Card?
Memory card

3) If you had access to any photographic equipment you wanted for a day, what would you choose?
Boy! This is a tough one. Shoot 4x5 polaroid again, and the Canon C300 video camera, and the Black Magic video camera

4) What classes are you teaching?
I'm full time faculty at the Academy of Art University, school of photography. I teach documentary & photojournalism classes and multimedia storytelling. Here at Rayko I will be teaching iPhone to cyanotypes. I can tutor any of those subjects including smart phone photography tips and tricks, techniques.

5) What are the top reasons someone should take your class ?
I am extremely passionate about what I do, and the unique way I do it. This passion is conveyed through a friendly, non-intimidating way in the classroom.

6) What was the last art opening you went to?
Open Show, it happened here at Rayko. Openshow.org for more info.

7) What part of RayKo's facilities do you use the most?
I would have to say the facilities I have used the most were the darkrooms.

8) Bought any good photo books lately?
1. Engaged Observers, Documentary Photography since the 60s.
2. The Cruel Radiance: Photography and Political Violence
3. Viva La Revolucion: A dialogue with the Urban Landscape

9) Recent work that has caught your eye?
Hmm. Honestly, I have been spending a lot of time discovering work by past photographers. Helen Levitt, workers’ film and photo league, Roy DeCarava

10) What are you currently working on and where can we see it?
I am currently working on my hiding-and-seeking a photo book project. It was featured in the NY Times lens blog, and on APM's national radio program "The Story," and various other blogs. You can see what its all about here.

You can find me on:
Instagram @shutter_se7en
twitter @shutter_se7en


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